How to make money by answering questions

I have tried blogging. I have tried answering surveys. I have tried Paid To Click sites. All I can tell you from my experience is all those work, kind of.

Blogging requires hard dedication and learning a lot of Search Engine Optimization, back-linking and internet marketing promotion. In the end, you will find yourself spending more time on all that than on writing articles.

Paid surveys are rare and tedious. In addition, most of them require too many of your personal information. Maybe you can earn some money this way, but there are too many scams that in the end, it’s just not worth your time.

Until WebAnswers appeared on this making money online scene, there just was no easy way of making money on the internet.

WebAnswers use special approach called AdSense revenue sharing. This means that you need to have Google AdSense account before you can earn any money there. The principle is quite simple:
  • You answer questions.
  • If your answer is selected as the best one, you earn 60% on all AdSense advertisements views and clicks on that “awarded answer”.
  • If you ask questions, you get into rotation with all the people who answer your question. For example, if you post question and 3 people answer it, you will get 60% of income from every fourth page view.

Top 7 WebAnswers tips

If you have not already done so, read my post on making money by answering questions in order to familiarize yourself with WebAnswers and the concept of the site.

Once you have registered there, it is time to start answering questions. Follow the tips below and you will be making money in no time!

  1. Most important tip is that you absolutely must post original content on WebAnswers. Copy and paste from Wikipedia or other sites is strictly forbidden and will get you banned. Only thing that you can copy from other sites are numbers.

  2. You must remain active on WebAnswers if you want to have steady earnings. Try to posts at least 10 answers per day. If you do not have the time to answer 10 questions with quality answers, try to post 10 interesting questions. This will keep you active and earning at the same time since WebAnswers pay you for asking questions too.

  3. Always perform a spell check, grammar check and, if possible, logics check on all your answers. It really makes a difference with your WebAnswers Quality Score and that makes a big difference in your earnings.

  4. Try to keep all your answers at least 10 sentences long and break them into paragraphs. When you write your answer in one large lump, people have hard time focusing on reading it all. An answer 12 sentences long, broken into three paragraphs is perfect and it not only increases your Web Answers Quality Score, it also increases chances of having your answer awarded!

How I earned my first $100 on WebAnswers

If you have not yet registered on WebAnswers, read my post on making money online by answering questions in order to familiarize yourself with the concept and principles of WebAnswers.

I registered on WebAnswers on 13th of January and answered the required 10 questions, associated my WebAnswers account with AdSense and forgot about the whole thing. Some two weeks later, I noticed that I am making money on AdSense that is not coming from any of my blogs. Well, it was obvious that the money was not coming from my blogs since it was much more than I earned with all of them together.

I enabled AdSense URL channel for and soon, I knew for sure where all those clicks were coming from. Since 28th of January, I became regular member and I still post answers there every day!

My earnings went from few cents to few dollars per day rather sharply. In only one month from the beginning, I was averaging $3 to $4 per day. And all this just for answering 10-15 simple questions each day. If it wasn’t happening to me, I would hardly believe it possible.

Best tactics for making money with WebAnswers

First, read my posts that explain what WebAnswers are and how you make money there. Then, read my top 7 tips for successful earnings on WebAnswers. After you digest all that, you should create some kind of a plan on maximizing your earnings there.

The basic tactics I use are comprised of three focus areas – quality, activity and personal touch. You should find out what works best for you but I am sure that my tactics can be a good basis for your plan.

1. Quality
Make sure that all your posts are of an average length of at least three paragraphs. Even when posting questions, try to give adequate explanation why are you asking it. Best tactics for achieving quality answers is to make sure that all your answers have the introduction or your understanding of the question, answer itself with as many details as possible and any additional info and comments that you can make. Those three paragraphs, constructed in the way I suggested, comprise one very good and quality answer!

2. Activity
The more active you are on WebAnswers, more money you will make. Not only does your Quality Score depend on your activity, more active you are, more page views you will get since each question you answer immediately gets displayed on the front page of the site.