Top 7 WebAnswers tips

If you have not already done so, read my post on making money by answering questions in order to familiarize yourself with WebAnswers and the concept of the site.

Once you have registered there, it is time to start answering questions. Follow the tips below and you will be making money in no time!

  1. Most important tip is that you absolutely must post original content on WebAnswers. Copy and paste from Wikipedia or other sites is strictly forbidden and will get you banned. Only thing that you can copy from other sites are numbers.

  2. You must remain active on WebAnswers if you want to have steady earnings. Try to posts at least 10 answers per day. If you do not have the time to answer 10 questions with quality answers, try to post 10 interesting questions. This will keep you active and earning at the same time since WebAnswers pay you for asking questions too.

  3. Always perform a spell check, grammar check and, if possible, logics check on all your answers. It really makes a difference with your WebAnswers Quality Score and that makes a big difference in your earnings.

  4. Try to keep all your answers at least 10 sentences long and break them into paragraphs. When you write your answer in one large lump, people have hard time focusing on reading it all. An answer 12 sentences long, broken into three paragraphs is perfect and it not only increases your Web Answers Quality Score, it also increases chances of having your answer awarded!

  5. Answer questions in categories where you are most likely to answer questions with quality and authority. Becoming authority in any category increases your chances of your answers being awarded. Posting wrong answers can only hurt your rating among other members.

  6. Be persistent and do not give up if you have a bad day. Some new members find it hard to earn even a cent at first, but it is something that hits everybody from time to time. Do not let your WebAnswers stats discourage you, continue posting and you will soon see your earnings increasing.

  7. Respect the general WebAnswers rules. If you ask a question, and get a quality answer, go ahead and award it! Answering questions with quality, posting your own questions and awarding them is what makes WebAnswers a success. If you check out the top users on the WebAnswers Leader-boards, you will notice that they all follow the rules. 

For an excellent example of an answer that follows these rules, check out my answer on question "Can someone tell me how to add URL channels with Webanswers categories to my Adsense setup?" at


  1. Great tips, with understanding this hopefully many people can feel confident about joining this site and make it useful for their needs financially, and also give back to the world their life experience and knowledge they have acquired.

  2. Great job, Darko. I like to see people who are active on truly care.

    I am so disappointed about he terrible quality of some answers that are poorly copy/pasted from other websites...

    There are times when I consider leaving, but with people like you I find the site utmost encouraging.

    Thanks and best luck with your activity,


    By the way, I do not know what to select for "comment as:", therefore I simply selected "anonymous"...

  3. Thank you so much for your comments Focused.

    Yes, sometimes people try to game the system and copy/paste answers but doing everything right and sticking to the rules is the only long-term strategy that works.

    Best of luck...

  4. Hi Doc, nice blog!

    By the way would you know if WebAnswers will have sufficient access to our AdSense account up to the extent of knowing to what other AdSense sites we are posting?

    Thanks again for the seven tips!

  5. Hi... Anonymous! :-)

    Thanks for visiting. Now, in answer to your question, WebAnswers have only possibility to use your AdSense pub-ID for showing ads.

    There is no way for them to see what other sites are showing your ads or even how many page views you get that are not coming from WebAnswers.

    Google's privacy policies are very strict and WebAnswers have access only to revenue sharing with you. If you want to check out which other sites also have access to your pub-ID for revenue sharing you can go to

    Take care...

  6. Thanks Doc, now I can safely add a channelURL to my stats page and track the number of hits that my WebAnswers pages receive.

    Previously I used to simply subtract the number of hits from tracked URLs from the number shown as total hits! LOL!

    Good luck to you!

    BTW, you have a great knack for understanding questions and for answering them clearly too. :)

  7. Thak you for your wonderful tips. My success rate is also near 20% and it could be higher if i tried my best. As i don't get time to post much answers my earning is not great but good enough

  8. Oh that was very helpful.I am still waitin for that adsense account to show 100$.

  9. I think this page looks awesome! I am assuming that you are going to post links back in to webanswers about some of the questions that get asked the most much can I make, what is the scoop on copy and paste, etc?


  10. Hi MzChaos!

    Thank you so much for your kind comment.

    I have already addressed copy/paste issue and that is forbidden in my first tip here.

    Now, it is great idea about frequent questions and earning potential. Thanks for the tip...

  11. This is the best advice about WebAnswers I have found! I appreciate your information and I am practicing the techniques to increase my earnings now:)

  12. You have done a fantastic job setting this blog up to perform a specific function and if I had not been kicked out of AdSense years ago by Google I would be very interested in trying this.