Best tactics for making money with WebAnswers

First, read my posts that explain what WebAnswers are and how you make money there. Then, read my top 7 tips for successful earnings on WebAnswers. After you digest all that, you should create some kind of a plan on maximizing your earnings there.

The basic tactics I use are comprised of three focus areas – quality, activity and personal touch. You should find out what works best for you but I am sure that my tactics can be a good basis for your plan.

1. Quality
Make sure that all your posts are of an average length of at least three paragraphs. Even when posting questions, try to give adequate explanation why are you asking it. Best tactics for achieving quality answers is to make sure that all your answers have the introduction or your understanding of the question, answer itself with as many details as possible and any additional info and comments that you can make. Those three paragraphs, constructed in the way I suggested, comprise one very good and quality answer!

2. Activity
The more active you are on WebAnswers, more money you will make. Not only does your Quality Score depend on your activity, more active you are, more page views you will get since each question you answer immediately gets displayed on the front page of the site.

3. Personal touch
When you get a couple of hundreds of answers behind you, you will start to get a feeling what some of the members who post questions are looking for in an answer. Some want you to be funny, some hate it, and some want detailed and long-winded answers, others like you to be as short as possible and up to a point. Answering questions in a way that the person who asked it likes the most, will increase your chances of the award. More awarded answers you get, more money you will make.

Follow this simple tactics, or create your own taking care to follow the basic rules. Most important of all, have fun answering those questions. Making money and having fun at the same time is the best thing you can do!


  1. DrDarko,

    This is a wonderful, very descriptive, very well written blog. I have to say that I am extremely proud of you! You really should bring this blog to White's attention too! I know he would also be proud of you for binging so much attention to quality.

    I wanted to mention that White pointed out that when he was using internet explorer as a browser, he had no spell check option in the text box where you type answers or questions. He stated that he switched to Google Chrome and now has this feature. I have always used Google Chrome myself. It's just a thought, but you may want to add that using Google Chrome does give you a spell check option. This is the only suggestion I could come up with. Your blog is very complete and very well written. I hope it draws a lot of attention and brings you more revenue! You really deserve it!


  2. Excellent point regarding the choice of browser. Both Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox have built-in spellchecker and they are the best choice for working at WebAnswers!

    Thank you so much for your kind words and your support!

  3. DrDarko

    I've noticed you on WebAnswers. I'm always impressed by the quality of your answers. I think I may have even awarded a couple :). How are your earnings growing? As you add more answers do your earnings keep growing or have you noticed that your earnings start to level off?

  4. Hi Jason.

    Thanks for the praise and your awards.

    I have to say that my earnings are not growing at the pace I wish, but they are growing, slowly but steadily. It is not a linear growth, for example, when I reached 1000 posted answers, I did not start to earn double the amount of when I had 500 answers.

    I can say that it looks something like 30%-40% increase in earnings for every doubling of posted answers. I think that this was not so before the Google changes hit us, but now everybody has lower number of page views.

    All I can recommend is to continue to post quality answers and interesting questions and you will see your earnings increase through time.

    Best of luck...

  5. Thanks for creating a blog to help newbies on WebAnswers. I'll remember your tips. I'm new to WebAnswers, and I immediately noticed you because of your clear and well-written answers. Best regards.

  6. Hi Darko, Great job man! Well done!
    I have seen your hard work on the webanswers and still you are doing so much in order to help others. Actually at first even I followed your advices only. Now I have made about 150$ in about 3 months. Blessings!

  7. Thank you for your compliments and support.
    $150 is a nice start! I hope that you will soon be able to see check every month.

    Best of luck...

  8. Great blog here. You are certainly right about WebAnswers this is the most viable and reliable way to earn money on the internet.

    I too started out just having blogs, websites and whatnot and it looked as if I would never see the minimum payout of 100 dollars with AdSense.

    So I ended up giving up. Then one day I was surfing the internet for no reason at all and found WebAnswers. I started using the site to answer some questions linked up my AdSense account and waited.

    It was not long before I was amazed. I had my blogs, and websites up for 6 months and earned about 10 dollars. I made that in 4 days with WebAnswers. It was a no brainer. I have been using WebAnswers ever since.

    I love helping people out as that is what I do for a living so it is really easy to work daily on WebAnswers. Getting paid to do what I love, you cannot beat that!

    Great blog here about the best site on the net! I would suggest anyone who has not signed up to sign up now. Darko knows what he is talking about here!

  9. Thank you for this great comment and personal experience with our favorite site Steve.
    Yes, with WebAnswers you can not become rich, but it is really easy and fun way to make some additional income.
    Best of luck...

  10. Very nice post DrDarko, you have explained everything in a very easy language. I earned last month $50, it was my first month, how do you view my performance, this month my page impressions have dropped drastically, and not earning much although spending a good time, are you experiencing the same situation. I have a lot of confidence on WebAnswers, I will continue to work hard here, what else should I do to make more money. How are you going?

    By the way I am jack_sparrow from WebAnswers.

  11. Hi Jack!

    Making $50 in the first month is really great! It took me more time to start making money in earnest.

    In August, my impressions have dropped 40% too. I think that it is more due to the holiday season than anything else. In September, we should all see recovery in our page views.

    Now, you should know that every post counts. The bigger number of posts you have behind you, bigger your potential for future earnings. Bob in Texas with his 16,000 posts is still making between $10 and $40 a day without being too active.

    I am currently at the level of getting a check every two months. I think that if I manage to keep up this level of activity, next year I should be getting one every month.

    What I would suggest is that you try out other revenue sharing sites. They take much longer to start making money but I think they have potential. I will post links to them in my "Recommended sites" on the right as I get around to experimenting with them more. Curently, there is only one that I'm using.

    Best of luck and thank you for your comments...

  12. Your answers are very desciptive and informative. Your hard work deserves the money you are making and much more.

    Keep it up.

  13. Thank you for your support...